October 21, 2021

CM/ECF Users’ Advisory Group: Archived Information


  • To provide input to the Courts representatives with information about the users’ concerns and problems in using the CM/ECF system
  • To make comments, suggestions, criticisms and complaints about the operation and development of the CM/ECF system
  • To receive comments from users, convey information of interest to the Users’ Advisory Group and disseminate information to users concerning the CM/ECF system


At its September 12, 2002, meeting, the CM/ECF Users’ Advisory Group (UAG) felt that since the CM/ECF system had matured into a more stable case management system, the need for the UAG as an advisory body, separate and apart from the Court’s three division-based bankruptcy bar local liaison committees, had come to a conclusion.  The UAG members felt the mission of the UAG had been accomplished.  In considering the matter, the Court agreed with the UAG’s recommendation to dissolve that advisory body with thanks to its members for the valuable public service they performed.  This page is being retained both for meeting minutes archival and Internet -e-mail communication purposes so that a forum can remain available to communicate CM/ECF case management issues to the Clerk’s Office.  Technical questions and training contacts, however, will continue to be addressed as set for in the Getting Started page on the Court’s web site.

William C. Redden, Clerk of Court

Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2002
June 20, 2002
April 10, 2002
January 29, 2002
December 4, 2001
September 25, 2001
July 24, 2001
May 23, 2001
March 20, 2001
January 23, 2001
November 14, 2000
September 12, 2000
July 18, 2000
May 19, 2000
March 3, 2000
January 21, 2000

Court Representative to the UAG

William Redden (Clerk)
Richard Napoli (Chief Deputy Clerk)
Chuck Miller (Division Manager – Alexandria)
Steve Kopacki (Division Manager – Norfolk/Newport News)
Peggy Grivetti (Division Manager – Richmond)