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CM/ECF - Getting Started

To become a CM/ECF user with access to the live database, please review the information below. Then complete the appropriate registration form and forward it to the Clerk’s Office.

Hardware and Software Requirements
CM/ECF Registration Forms
Training Contacts
To Obtain a PACER Login and Password
For Assistance with Technical Questions
Frequently Asked questions

Hardware and Software Requirements

Filing documents in the CM/ECF System requires the following hardware and software:

  • A personal computer running a standard platform such as Windows or Mac OS X
  • PDF-compatible word processing software such as Microsoft Word
  • Software to convert documents from a word processing format to portable document format (PDF).  Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional or newer is recommended.
  • A scanner and scanner software, for conversion and transmitttal of documents not in a word processing system
  • Internet service
  • A web browser; CM/ECF has been tested using the most current versions of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.  Some may have positive experiences with other web browsers, but those listed here have been tested and certified for compatibility.  Mozilla Firefox may be downloaded at no cost
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF documents; Acrobat Reader may be downloaded at no cost

CM/ECF Registration Forms

[Complete, Print, Sign & Mail to the appropriate address listed on the form]

Full Participant Registration Form   [For EDVA Bar Members, Only]
Limited Participant Registration Form
Trustees, Examiners, CP Ombudsman, PC Ombudsman Form 02-2020 [For use only by a registrant who is not a member of the Bar of the Court as prescribed in Local Bankruptcy Rule 2090-1(B) or (E) in assigned cases, and as otherwise prescribed by law, FRBPs, local rules, and local procedures.]

Limited Participant Registration Form  [Case Specific]

LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc.
Circuit City Stores, Inc.
Movie Gallery, Inc.
The Rowe Companies
Rowe Furniture, Inc.
Storehouse, Inc.
AMF Bowling Worldwide, Inc.

Training Contacts


Martin Jones (703) 258-1233
Dayna Huntington (703) 258-1200

Norfolk and Newport News

Angie Snyder – (757) 222-7523
LaTanya Gibbs – (757) 222-7513


Delores Jones – (804) 916-2435
Candace Manley – (804) 916-2437

For Assistance with Technical Questions

For Limited Participant questions (Logins, additions, deletions, etc), please email

For questions regarding ECF (Logins, procedural questions, policy, etc), please click the link for the division nearest your office

For Alexandria email

For Norfolk/Newport News email

For Richmond email