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Bankruptcy Standing Order 22-5 with Exhibit A-District General Order No. 2022-02 and Exhibit B-Mask and Social Distancing Policy

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Standing Order 22-5, which sets forth Updated COVID-19 Entry Requirements for the Martin V.B. Bostetter, Jr. U.S. Courthouse, conforms to the EDVA District Court’s entry of General Order No. 2022-02. Both orders have been entered in response to the CDC’s updated guidance defining COVID-19 Community Levels and the CDC’s associated recommendations for preventative measures. Both courts have SUSPENDED their mask and distancing requirements and modified their COVID-19 vaccination and testing policies and Courthouse entry requirements. Bankruptcy Standing Order 22-5 applies to the Bostetter U.S. Courthouse. District General Order No. 2022-02, which is appended as Exhibit A to Standing Order 22-5, takes identical action for the Bryan U.S. Courthouse, the Hoffman U.S. Courthouse, the Robinson-Merhige Federal Courthouse, and the Newport News U.S. Courthouse. Presiding judges may still require masks or distancing in their courtrooms. Exhibit B to Standing Order 22-5 is the updated Mask and Social Distancing Policy.

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