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The Court is Now Live on Bankruptcy NextGen CM/ECF

Monday, March 21, 2022

The Court now is live on the Bankruptcy NextGen CM/ECF System. In addition, access to BOPS, VCIS, and the CM/ECF Public Calendar has been restored. Orders submitted in BOPS during the data conversion-migration shutdown period were placed in a queue and will be processed. Also, during this shutdown period, at each division of the Court, all documents taken in: through United States mail and package delivery, over the public intake counter, via lock box station, and electronically via email attachment, will be processed. See Standing Order 22-4. All Court proceedings will be held, as scheduled.

The Court’s Bankruptcy NextGen CM/ECF Web Page includes very important mandatory upgraded PACER account-CM/ECF combined account login procedures and information for attorneys, trustees, and filing agents. On or after March 21, 2022, please be sure to link your Virginia Eastern Bankruptcy Court NextGen CM/ECF account to your upgraded PACER account (no legacy PACER accounts can be used for this purpose).

As a further aid to NextGen Non-Attorney filers, the Court has placed two new documents on its Bankruptcy NextGen CM/ECF Web Page, at its Non Attorney Filers dropdown window: NextGen Non-Attorney Limited Participants and Contract Court Reporter or Other Individual Designated to Produce the Transcript.

[Read Public Notice-Announcements PDF]